Applying to offer PINC CE Credits for your curriculum or program

The CECAR form must be completed at least 90 days prior to the event.
If you have any questions, please contact pincsf@gmail.com


Planning Worksheet: Faculty and Project Leader Guidelines

Follow these six steps, refer to PINC Handbook Section M (Continuing Education) for details:

  1. Establish Course Content (See Description of Course Content below)
  2. Formulate Learning Objectives (See Formulate Learning Objectives below)
  3. Updated Faculty CV on file (specifically including teaching experience & publications) and Disclosure Forms for Faculty & Project Leader(s) if required.
  4. Submit Post-Program Evaluation.
  5. Submit Completed CECAR at least 90 days in advance of program and prior to any public program announcement that refers to CE units. The form must be completed online at PINC CECAR ONLINE…
  6. Project Leader assigns designee to pick up the following forms from the PINC office:
    • Attendance sheets
    • Post program evaluations
    • CE certificates

Attendance sheets and all post-program evaluations must be returned to the PINC office following the program.