Applying to offer PINC CE Credits for your curriculum or program

The CECAR form must be completed at least 90 days prior to the event at PINC CECAR ONLINE…
If you have any questions, please contact pincsf@gmail.com


Planning Worksheet: Faculty and Project Leader Guidelines

Follow these six steps, refer to PINC Handbook Section M (Continuing Education) for details:

  1. Establish Course Content (See Description of Course Content below)
  2. Formulate Learning Objectives (See Formulate Learning Objectives below)
  3. Updated Faculty CV on file (specifically including teaching experience & publications) and Disclosure Forms for Faculty & Project Leader(s) if required.
  4. Submit Completed CECARat least 90 days in advance of program and prior to any public program announcement that refers to CE units. The form must be completed online at PINC CECAR ONLINE…
  5. Project Leader assigns designee to pick up the following forms from the PINC office:
    • Attendance sheets
    • Post program evaluations
    • CE certificates

Attendance sheets and all post-program evaluations must be returned to the PINC office following the program.


Description of Course Content

1. Project Leaders must be prepared to demonstrate that information and programs

presented are based on a methodological, theoretical, research, or practice

knowledge base. This requirement must be met by at least one of the


1.1. Program content has obtained credibility, as demonstrated by the

involvement of the broader psychological practice, education, and

science communities in studying or applying the findings, procedures,

practices, or theoretical concepts;

1.2. Program content has been supported using established research

procedures and scientific scrutiny;

1.3. Program content has peer reviewed, published support beyond those

publications and other types of communications devoted primarily to

the promotion of the approach;

1.4. Program content is related to ethical, legal, statutory or regulatory

policies, guidelines, and standards that impact psychology.

2. Project Leaders are required to ensure that instructors, during each CE

presentation,  include statements that describe the accuracy and utility of the

materials presented, the basis of such statements, the limitations of the content    

being taught, and the severe and the most common risks.

3. Project Leaders must offer program content that builds upon the foundation of a

completed doctoral program in psychology.

4. Project Leaders must be prepared to demonstrate that content is relevant to

psychological practice, education, or science.

5. Project Leaders must clearly describe any commercial support for the CE program,

presentation, or instructor to program participants at the time the CE program

begins. Any other relationship that could be reasonably construed as a

conflict of interest also must be disclosed.


Formulate Learning Objectives

Refer to Guidelines for Writing Learning Objectives (Appendix I).

Rather than a description of topics to be covered, learning objectives should clearly define what the participant will know or be able to do as a result of having attended the program, and these objectives must be stated in measurable terms. Please aim to provide at least nine to ten objectives for a twelve unit program.

Be aware that insufficient learning objectives successfully articulate the advantages that might accrue to the individual practitioner, but a) do not extend these to underscore their value to the clients or the broader society that may follow from the knowledge gains associated with this program or b) fail to link these to improved services and the broader regulatory, ethical or professional issues that might also serve broader constituents within this context.  Acceptable learning objectives, by comparison, a) clearly identify the broader contributions that might support the welfare of the consumer and the society by addressing broader (e.g. ethical and regulatory) implications or b)  effectively tie the knowledge gains associated with this program to the effective functioning of broader groups who might utilize or apply the knowledge gained from the program and highlight the professional and scientific gains that would be expected to accrue as a result of the program.

Note that there are specific language requirements for stating Learning ObjectivesSee PINC Handbook Section M, Appendix I, regarding Formulating CE Learning Objectives.

All courses, require an assessment of participant learning. The PINC office will generate an evaluation form based on your Learning Objectives on the CECAR form.  If you wish to add additional assessment questions unique to your program that will aid you in future program planning, please contact PINC office.